The Art of Sherry Dole

I am a painter of Fantasy and I'm all about making the world a better place for every one of us on this fragile planet.
I create images of cats and butterflies, dogs and birds, alligators and raccoons as well as possums, turtles, bears, tigers , lions and any other critter you know -maybe even some you haven't yet met!

My original paintings are created in acrylics or watercolors and ink. They are sent to a printing company that photographs or scans them, then reproduces them in Giclee images on heavy archival paper or canvas.Intricate details and strong color saturation are hallmarks of my work and one painting may take several months to complete. All my life, I have been fascinated with Costume and Fashion history.Prior to becoming a professional Visual Artist, I spent years as a designer fashion buyer for large department stores. When I'd had enough of the corporate life I decided to combine my lifelong love of animals with fashion and theater, stir them all together and VOILA! You have The Art of Sherry Dole.
I always donate a percentage of my sales or my art to animal rescue or welfare groups.

Welcome Yall!

Thanks so very much for dropping by today! I really appreciate your spending a little time with me here in my world of Faery Tales and Whimsicality. Please fix yourself a cup of tea or a glass of sweet tea like we love here in the Deep Southern USA and just sit a spell. I have been looking forward to meeting you! If you are one of my precious friends already, I am so pleased to see you!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Creativity Rules!

          While I have always considered myself to be a creative person, I really had no idea how creative I could really be if I tried. When I picked up my pencils and brushes again, after many years of just keeping them around, I was thrilled when I painted a mouse that looked like a mouse or a cat who looked vaguely familiar. I had a few ideas I thought might be fun and I kept drawing, each time I began a new project I challenged myself more & more. I realized early on that I needed to learn to look at things in new ways in order to follow my plan of getting people to see animals and nature as important being. So I worked at opening my mind to the endless possibilities of critters in clothes and critters not in clothes and wild, enchanted gardens. I even created my own wild, enchanted garden which is an endless source of inspiration.                                                                        For me, working constantly to keep an open mind, to not place judgments on other people, to be positive about my life and others all adds up to keeping my levels of creativity churning on all cylinders. The minute I let myself feel discouraged, I have no clues about what to create next or even how to finish the projects I have started.                                                                It is also mega-important for me to surround myself with positive people. These are people who love life and who love what they do.                                                   As a working artist who must be creative almost all of the time, negativity and nay-sayers are luxuries I simply cannot afford.

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