The Art of Sherry Dole

I am a painter of Fantasy and I'm all about making the world a better place for every one of us on this fragile planet.
I create images of cats and butterflies, dogs and birds, alligators and raccoons as well as possums, turtles, bears, tigers , lions and any other critter you know -maybe even some you haven't yet met!

My original paintings are created in acrylics or watercolors and ink. They are sent to a printing company that photographs or scans them, then reproduces them in Giclee images on heavy archival paper or canvas.Intricate details and strong color saturation are hallmarks of my work and one painting may take several months to complete. All my life, I have been fascinated with Costume and Fashion history.Prior to becoming a professional Visual Artist, I spent years as a designer fashion buyer for large department stores. When I'd had enough of the corporate life I decided to combine my lifelong love of animals with fashion and theater, stir them all together and VOILA! You have The Art of Sherry Dole.
I always donate a percentage of my sales or my art to animal rescue or welfare groups.

Welcome Yall!

Thanks so very much for dropping by today! I really appreciate your spending a little time with me here in my world of Faery Tales and Whimsicality. Please fix yourself a cup of tea or a glass of sweet tea like we love here in the Deep Southern USA and just sit a spell. I have been looking forward to meeting you! If you are one of my precious friends already, I am so pleased to see you!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ArtDolls- New Creations! Santa Claus

For years I created ArtDolls-costumed sculptures. They were in Shows & Exhibitions from New York to San Francisco and New Orleans. They sold really well & were lots of fun to create, but they were also really labor intensive.
To create them, I sculpt the head, hands & feet in polyresin clays. Then I paint them in multiple layers of acrylic paints. Next I form a wire armature for the body and attach it to a wooden base with a dowel. I sew a shell for the body, then stuff it with lots of polyfill to make the body very solid. Then comes the fun! I have a massive collection of antique, vintage & contemporary fabrics and trims. I search through boxes & bags for just the perfect combinations. The finished sculpture is more like an assemblage.
When my paintings started selling well, I cut back on the ArtDolls. The paintings were so much easier to ship & took so much less time to complete. Now that my work has gone into print and the sales are going well, I've started working on the ArtDolls again.
These Santas are the first to be completed. I've already sold Two!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wild Gardens

When we built my house on a wooded lot, only the trees that stood directly in the perimeter of the house were cut. After I cut out all of the privet bushes in front and back of the house, it only rained twice before I realized the top soil was washing away.
Prior to this, my gardener experience had been limited to filling my various apartment courtyards and balconies with lots of pots of all sorts of houseplants. These I moved from city to city as I changed jobs several times in my leap up the corporate ladder in the world of fashion.
So things were different now. The houseplants nestled cozily in places of honor on the deck doing absolutely nothing to stop all of my gorgeous topsoil from washing down the hill. I had to do something fast!
I went to the library & checked out everything they had on shade gardening. I bought liriope and mondo grass. Then I began creating paths through the trees. I met my neighbors when I knocked on their doors asking if they had any extra monkey grass. They were only too happy to let me dig it up. They found monkeygrass annoying-I loved it!
I added hollies, Hydrangeas, azaleas, camellias and pittosporum. I even have all kinds of antique roses blooming beneath the trees.
I didn't have a plan when I started the garden [I still don't] But I absolutely love it! The birds and the butterflies love it. I have a big, fluffy possum that loves the garden. I love her-especially since I found out possums are immune to snakebites and they consider snakes to be very tasty.
I don't use any pesticides or commercial fertilizers and everything is flourishing. We survived Katrina and the drought that came after, as well as the hottest summer I can remember this year. The roses are blooming one more time and we are hoping for some cool weather. Then it will be time to plant more shrubs and bulbs. We will be loving every minute!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Whimsical Art? Me?

Since I am a self-taught artist, I was a little self-conscious about being taken seriously as a professional artist. I had to sell work to survive. At that time all I ever saw in art shows, galleries and in home design was what I call "grow'd up" art. That is art portraying landscapes, still-lifes, florals and abstracts.
I did paint all of those things for years and sold them. But, one day I started doodling on a scrap of watercolor paper and a Fat Frog emerged dressed as a jester. He made me smile so I decided to paint him. When he was finished he made me smile even more, so I decided to have him framed. I thought I'd like to keep him around so we could smile at each other.
The minute I walked into the frame shop with him, my plans changed. Everyone there wanted him! It seems he made other people smile, too. Fat Frog was certainly unlike any "grow'd up" art I had ever seen, but for about 16 months it was all I could do to keep up with the demand for different versions of Fat Frog! Eventually I increased my Frog portfolio to include Dancing Frog, Lying Toad and more. One collector bought 20 different Frogs to decorate her bathroom. Another bought 14 Frogs to create a theme for her son's room.
Luckily I found out about the Giclee printing process and a great company to transfer my original images into print. Shown above you will find the three versions of FatFrog we have currently in print.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

We are celebrating [my critters and I] our first year of being on the internet! I've only had merchandise up on selling sites for a few months since I had quite a steep learning curve to surmount. It takes a while for my right brain to figure out what my left brain is trying to do, as well as my being seriously typing impaired!
The most exciting reward for me this year has been meeting the most incredible people I have ever met in my life. I now have incredible animal-loving, rescuing friends with the most incredible hearts in the world. My new artist friends are so fabulously talented their images leave me absolutely breathless! I have friends who are working every day in the most imaginative ways to bring positive energy in to the world for all people. Some of you have even taken your time to help me with pointers and advice about tech and editorial situations. Bless you! I am so fortunate to have met ya'll and to have you in my life.
I am so very honored by the collectors who have been with me for years and have now joined me here on the world wide web.Woohoo!!!
It's a celebration all right and I am so very grateful for each and everyone of you! Let's Party!!! xxxxxxxxxx

Friday, September 11, 2009

My NEW Animal Alphabet!

The "Animal Alphabet is finally being posted for sale! Already selling full names in local shops for Christmas Presents. This was a 3 month project and a really intriguing challenge. First to find as many objects and animals with letters, then to make the animals and objects relate to each other. As I got into it I realized that many names had the same letter multiple times, so to make the name more interesting when matted and framed, I created multiple images for several letters. In all, there are fifty four letters in each alphabet. We have had two sizes printed: the small size is 4.5x6" for each letter and will be used for spelling a name, the large size is 7.5x9" and will be used for initials, most likely. I plan to have both sizes available on very soon.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

NEW! "Santa's Workshop"

"Santa's Workshop" Mr. and Mrs. Santa are taking a break to read a few letters from specially good boys and girls. I painted the original as a commission for one of my favorite collectors. It took so long to paint [3 months] we nicknamed it "The Painting That Would Not End". When it was finally completed, we decided to share it with others by turning it into a Giclee Reproduction.

Fabulous Things are Happening!

My studio is in an uproar as so many new projects are nearing their completion stage. I really do keep telling myself that it would be so much more efficient to create one project at a time. I repeat: I do tell myself that very thing. However, I rationalize that I would spend as much time on one thing as I do on twenty, so I may as well work on a bunch at one time! Anyway, coming soon will be ACEOS and original paintings for sale online!