The Art of Sherry Dole

I am a painter of Fantasy and I'm all about making the world a better place for every one of us on this fragile planet.
I create images of cats and butterflies, dogs and birds, alligators and raccoons as well as possums, turtles, bears, tigers , lions and any other critter you know -maybe even some you haven't yet met!

My original paintings are created in acrylics or watercolors and ink. They are sent to a printing company that photographs or scans them, then reproduces them in Giclee images on heavy archival paper or canvas.Intricate details and strong color saturation are hallmarks of my work and one painting may take several months to complete. All my life, I have been fascinated with Costume and Fashion history.Prior to becoming a professional Visual Artist, I spent years as a designer fashion buyer for large department stores. When I'd had enough of the corporate life I decided to combine my lifelong love of animals with fashion and theater, stir them all together and VOILA! You have The Art of Sherry Dole.
I always donate a percentage of my sales or my art to animal rescue or welfare groups.

Welcome Yall!

Thanks so very much for dropping by today! I really appreciate your spending a little time with me here in my world of Faery Tales and Whimsicality. Please fix yourself a cup of tea or a glass of sweet tea like we love here in the Deep Southern USA and just sit a spell. I have been looking forward to meeting you! If you are one of my precious friends already, I am so pleased to see you!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Art Show Frenzy     Getting ready for an artshow is such a thrill! There is the hard work of getting work finished with decisions to be made about which pieces to take or which pieces will fit into the show's theme. Even though the gallery will mail invitations, my mailing list has to be up-to-date to make certain my very special collectors are notified by me, personally. There is framing to do-I am very lucky-I use an incredible frame shop for my paintings, Nebletts, right here in my hometown of Hattiesburg. They have an expert, professional crew who totally understands my art & they do an exceptional job for me!   Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!  The paintings and Artdolls have already been delivered to the Cultural Center at 723 Main Street. The show is being presented by the Civic Arts Council form January 15 through Jan 31. The opening reception will be tomorrow from 4PM until 5:30PM. Please wish me luck and Yall come see me if you can!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays!

          I truly hope each and every one of you spectacular people will have a great Holiday season! Big news about this image! We have created a new mini size of this very popular image that sells for $20. Just click on the link to see it 

Friday, November 5, 2010

You Gotta Have Friends

      Creating art is a wonderful thing, it is my life and my passion. Yet, life as an artist can be more than a little isolating. Sometimes, I will not put down my paintbrush or sculpting tools until my hand is so cramped I cannot make it do one more thing. I always lose myself in my latest project and become totally oblivious to everything around me and I love it!   I have learned, though, especially in the 2 years I have had internet access, there is a huge world of wonderful people out there and their impact on me has been enormous. I have met so many generous, witty,and creative folks through Facebook and Twitter. When I started selling my work on the site, I had no idea that I would meet a community of incredible people in addition to the fabulously brilliant darlings who buy my artwork. On Etsy, you can join groups who have various commonalities & they offer valuable support. One group I am fortunate to be a member of is the Visual Artist Street Team on Etsy or VAST. It consists of extraordinarily talented 2D artists at many skill levels who sell their paintings & prints on Etsy.  Recently, someone contacted me about buying one of my original paintings, but the request seemed fishy. I sent the information out to the group via email asking what they thought about  it.  Within minutes I had a response from various members, several offered great suggestions as to questions I should ask to determine the authenticity of the sale as well as telling me about similar experiences they had in the past. Thanks to their help, I determined that it was a scammer & I was saved from a big hassle!               My point in this post is to let Yall know...sometimes you just have to put down your work, get online and make some friends! They will make your life so much better!                                                              With many, many thanks to all of Yall gorgeous people out there who are my friends and you know who you are! I love and value each of you! I am so very blessed in having you in my life! XOXOYou can find this image on

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Evolution of a Painting
      Last year, a doting grandmother had a new grandchild on the way (her sixth) and she wanted to celebrate his birth in a special way. We discussed several ideas, then I came up with the idea of a baby in a bassinet being welcomed by the animals. She loved the painting and it has yet to make its way from her home to the home of her new grandson. I was happy with the image as well, so I put it on*              Before long, I had an inquiry from a friend of soon-to-be-parents who are advocates of the world's rain forests. She requested a similar painting for their new baby. So I painted the baby in the bassinet being welcomed by animals of the rain forests. Again, I placed the image on cards & mugs, etc. on                                Soon, I received a request from another darling grandmother-to-be who wanted a similar painting, but with the forest animals of the South welcoming the baby. To make it even more of a challenge, she requested a red pick up truck to be in the painting as well. Though this painting seemed to take forever because of the multiple elements in the composition, I finally finished it and she was thrilled! I have placed this image on and am anxiously awaiting any other requests. I have no idea of what I can possibly do to top this last one, but I guess we will have to wait and see...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Making Choices

     A blank canvas or a blank piece of watercolor paper can be really intimidating. I usually have an idea of what I want to paint before I even have the blank whatever in front of me. Yet, even when I can visualize the completed painting, I have to make countless choices from beginning to end. For instance, suppose I want to paint a gluttonous gator. Do I want him to be enjoying a feast of pancakes or will it be waffles?  What would a gluttonous gator be wearing while enjoying his feast of waffles or pancakes?  All of these questions will be  answered in a soon-to-be-finished painting.   As far as choices already made...when I decided to paint some dancing cats, my first choice was how many? Then what would they be wearing-I had to create costumes to indicate movement. Then how were they dancing-in what positions? I had to think about color and texture and how each cat related to the other.                                                                                                                      We all have tons of choices to make in our lives everyday. In my paintings, I take responsibility for the choices I made in my painting when I apply my signature.                                                                                                        Sometimes it seems almost impossible to make the "right" choice. The one thing I have learned, at this point in my life, is that it is hard to go wrong when you choose...JOY!    t